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  • Meaning of a Gift Voucher: A Special Gift Voucher of a Specific Value that can be Purchased Online at –, to give it as a Gift to Your Dear Ones. And they can use it within a Year (within 365 Days from the date of purchase) to Buy ‘Anything’ from the JK Florist Website.
  • Order Process: How to place the order for purchasing the Gift Voucher? You simply need to add the Gift Voucher Product of your preferred choice of amount to your cart and then place the order by making the online payment. We will then ‘Generate’ a Specific Coupon Code – as per the ‘Name of the Recipient’ and the same Voucher Coupon Code will be sent to you through WhatsApp, within a few minutes. The Recipient of this Gift Voucher can use it Whenever they want to Buy ‘Anything’ From the website, for the full value of the voucher, within a Year (within 365 days) from the Order Date.
  • Note: Discount coupon codes can not be applied while Purchasing the Gift Voucher.

Gift Voucher